According to the Shanghai Greening and City Appearance Bureau, bird surveyors recently discovered and photographed a Eurasian Reed Warbler in the shrubs inside the dike of the East Beach Reserve.

By consulting relevant information, it has been confirmed that the Eurasian Reed Warbler is a new record for bird species in the Shanghai region. See details below ↓


The Eurasian Reed Warbler is a bird species of the Passeriformes family, Acrocephalidae genus. It has a body length of about 11-13cm and is a medium-sized, greenish reed warbler.

It has a slender beak, a whitish eyebrow stripe, and no crown pattern. The primary flight feathers are long, with no wing spots. The head and upper body are grayish-brown, the wings and tail are brown, and the underbody is gray-white with a touch of yellow. Juvenile birds have a more yellowish plumage.

The Eurasian Reed Warbler breeds widely in high-latitude areas of the Eurasian continent, including Siberia. It winters south of the Sahara Desert in Africa and migrates through the northwestern part of China’s Xinjiang region.

It is occasionally seen in Inner Mongolia, northern Xinjiang, Qinghai, and there have been records of vagrant individuals in Zhejiang and Hong Kong. Based on the distribution and migration route of the Eurasian Reed Warbler, it migrates southwest from northern Europe and Siberia in autumn and eventually reaches southern Africa. During migration, it mainly passes through the northwestern region of China.

The discovery of the Eurasian Reed Warbler at East Beach coincides with its migration period, so the individual recorded at East Beach is likely a lost bird from northern China during its southward migration.

Souce: 上海发布 translated by ShanghaiTraveller