Just saw this headline: “‘Suishen Code’ (Shanghai City Travel Code) Launches on ‘12306’ Railway App.”

Code back? Which was used last year during lockdown…

Take it easy.

Actually this is a different code. The current one focuses more on functionality.

According to the Shanghai Transportation Committee, as New Year’s Day and the Spring Festival holiday approach, in order to provide a more convenient urban travel experience for visitors coming to Shanghai, the “Suishen Code” (Shanghai City Travel Code) has been launched on the “12306” Railway App.

Visitors coming to Shanghai by train/high-speed rail can easily activate the “Suishen Code” (Shanghai City Travel Code) within the “12306” Railway App, allowing them to use public transportation such as buses, subways, and ferries in Shanghai with just one code, as well as enjoy benefits such as subway and bus transfer discounts and “through-day tickets.” The scenarios and coverage of the “Suishen Code” (Shanghai City Travel Code) include ground buses within the Shanghai city area, all rail transit networks, including subways (including Maglev), Pujiang ferries, as well as Chongming passenger ships, Fengxian BRT, and Songjiang trams. It does not currently support the Jinshan Railway.

For those who want to learn more information, you can follow the Shanghai Traveller WeChat account and leave a message: SH Code, to get more usage information.

Source: translated by ShanghaiTraveller

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